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Party your way to '22

Writing this in the last month of 2021, we are so excited to pave our way to the most happening and fun (Hopefully!) New Year aka 2022! And just like every year, we have again started jotting down our resolutions that in no way will be completed. Haha! But, what we can assure you here is a bang on New Year’s Eve. Because we the generation of today are amazing in making moments special. Howsoever good or bad the year might have been, we never forget to put on that party speaker and dance our hearts out. And, today we are here to help you plan the same. You might be the loud party animal, the FRIENDS routine kinda, the romantic one, the loner or too-busy-to-party work junkie. We got personalized custom-made New Year’s plans for each. Yes, for all! So friend, turn that volume and join in quick!

Memory board for the loner club!

Are you the one who loves to be on your own? Like just simply resting on your couch with your book while the world bustles out? No worries! We are not here to judge you. We completely understand so here we bring to you a thoughtful way to say fare-thee-well to this year with a memory board. All you need is a blank wall, a bulletin board, and some thumb pins. And, there is your place. Put on your photographs, notes reminding you of your achievement, lights, and anything and everything important to you. Great, no? Wait, let's make it even better with a little music. And, for music, our bet is always the best party speaker in India - Clubber by Mobilla. Its signature sound paired with your favorite playlist will make this New Year very special for you, enjoy!

Got a date?- Romantic heads!

Well, people may agree or not - Spending the eve with your loved one is one of the most blissful ways ever. Agree? So, what are you waiting for? Ask out that girl/boy and plan out the mesmerizing candlelight without any worries for hotel reservations or loud crowds. Yes, give your drawing room a 360-degree makeover with Clubber. To begin, make space for the dinner table, get the wine and food, pull down the drapes to dim the light, and let the clubber set the mood. Apart from the excellent sound clarity, this party speaker comes with glow lights which are sure shot to get you the feel.

The Binge-watchers!

The world may be yelling on top of their voices but here are our lovely binge-watchers snuggling in their warm blankets and Netflixing their way out of 2021. Must say, very cool! And, don't worry we got you a level up too. Clubber with its seamless connectivity easily pairs up with your devices so you can get the deepest bass and highest quality audio for your favorites. May it be rewatching Friends, The Heist, Riverdale, or waiting for the Potter heads reunion (OMG!), treat your shows with the best audio quality and dive in with style.

Karaoke night for the impromptu party types!

Yes, yes we know you are really busy wrapping up and have no time to plan, book or organize the rave. It's fine. Take our advice blindly on this and call in your friends for a fun Karaoke night. Clubber is one of the best speakers with Mic. It's a highly receptive piece to capture all your 'melodious' voices and give you an excellent opportunity to bond, laugh, and have fun spontaneously.

Ah! Here is our gang looking for a hangout stop to drink, dance, and merry their way to the New Year but, let us warn you right here. The new variant is pretty deadly! Sorry, to break it to you but it's safe and wise to avoid the crowded clubs this season. But don't worry, you don't have to compromise on your plans. Get the highest clarity, deepest bass, instant connectivity, and longest battery life to bring the club home for your gang with the Clubber!

Wow, what diversity! We hope you got ideas to make this day special for you and yours by including an excellent companion for all your audio needs- Clubber by Mobilla. Order now!