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Make mental health your priority with MSmart

Heard of the saying, "Healthy mind resides in a healthy body." Although the phrase finds its roots in classic Latin yet holds apt to date. Especially, in the world where we are constantly battling with the anxiety of these recurring pandemic waves (Please God, no third wave!), mental health issues are very rampant. Many are losing jobs, many are recovering post covid and especially kids are struggling to adapt with no or lack of peer interaction! The world has become monotonously impersonal with staring screens for hours.

But what if we tell you that technology can improve your health?
Yes, your mental health!
Hard to believe?
Read on to explore the mystery.

Recent medical and psychological researches including Havard have re-emphasized the benefits of good physical health on your mind. The findings strongly claim to effectively reduce disorders like Anxiety, depression, and high panic. Isn't that great? But, we exactly know what you are thinking right now. Staying physically healthy is also a task! There are an endless amount of websites posting contrasting comments claiming to make you healthy, wealthy, and fine with a snap. But, let us break it down for you. No, getting fit isn't a day's work. It takes months of patience, several changes in lifestyle, and the right method to become your best self. Let that soak in!

Okay, I know the problem. What about the solution?
The solution to your physical health is 3 simple pointers. (Just 3!)

Number 1 - Exercise! You don't need to be climbing mountains or diving in oceans to be fit. Even a simple routine goes a long way. 15-minute cardio or a good jog around the colony increases your alertness, lifts your mood, and distracts you from constant overthinking. Scientists are saying this! Furthermore, physical exercise is known to reduce anxiety and increase levels of chemicals in the brain, such as serotonin and endorphins. All this together improves the quality of your life. And you don't need to have a strenuous routine. 30 minutes multiplied by 5 days in a week is absolutely fine for visible changes!

Number 2- Sleep! One of the very important factors to reduce our physical and mental exertion is good, timely sleep. This not only increases our productivity but also makes us more stress-tolerant. Remember the day you acted out because you didn't sleep well the last night? Or the pain in your head made you order coffee back to back? Yes, the harms of sleep deprivation are many which might even affect your mood, interpersonal relationships aka your mental health!

Number 3- time management! Physical health and time management? What a strange combination. Well, it's not. We all breathe the air of deadlines and pressure. But, what if we could systematically divide our work, set reminders and make sure to finish things on time. Just imagine! No hustle-bustle, no skipping meals, no late-night pullovers and no cancelling on party plans. Now, what can be a better way to manage your physical and mental health?

But, but, but! Things are easier said than done. We understand your pressures but our determination to help you never fades. So, we are here to suggest to you the best way to track your physical health and pave the way for better mental health!

Presenting to you, MSmart 7.0 by Mobilla. It is an extremely useful, stylish and handy health and fitness smartwatch to assist you in your journey. The precisely accurate pedometer, BP, SPO2 and heart rate monitor keep a continuous check on hour vitals. Furthermore, the various modes help you swiftly switch your exercise and track efficiently, may it be in your home or while hitting the gym. Secondly, sleep monitors help you regulate your sleep schedule. To add on, the call, message and reminders make sure to keep you updated and on time for all your task. And, many more exciting features all in a single smartwatch. So, what are you waiting for? Claim your gateway to better physical and mental health and shine like never before.