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Checkout Some Great Ear-Gadgets For People Who Are Working-From-Home These Days…

These are truly unprecedented times.

'With Work From Home' or WFH being the new normal, people are looking out for alternative ways to spend their maximum time at home unless there's an emergency.

If you're "Musichead" like us, then you might find it tad-challenging to listening to your favorite track with ease at home.

Whether you're living alone or staying with your family, the ever-growing craving to listen to different genres of music and immersing yourself in different music devices have also been evolving with time. Additionally, home dynamics have their own restraints as opposed to those at work.

We at Mobilla, understand how crucial it is to listen to your kind of music. Because this process is very personal. Especially this time when we all are stranded at home and turning our homes into a workspace.

Though your heart stays in your home; there's always a part of it, kept especially for your music. You need your music to sound better and exhilarating...

Keeping this thing in mind, we worked round the clock and came up with some incredible Work-from-Home earpiece edition - just and exclusively for you. To steal your attention, we knew the look of these music devices has to be improved. Then we emphasized and worked extensively to develop the overall music quality of our neckbands, earphones, headphones etc. We wanted to leave behind a lasting impression which stays with our audience. Finally, we got you covered and launched a series of great Work- From-Home music devices at affordable prices. From wireless to true wireless – we have everything for everyone including mobile accessories and lifestyle products.

 These Work-From-Home headphones and earphones are here to uplift your mood and get you in the groove of your favourite tune. Now make your home- a perfect workspace and a proper musical zone where you can live, breathe and drink your music.

But what makes these music ear-gadgets stand out from the rest?

Before we take a deep dive into this, we need to understand first:

How Can We Make WFH Headphone/Earphones/Neckbands Effective For Our Audience

 Technically, it should have:

  • Flawlessly balanced Sound with Shrill and Powerful Bass
  • Ergonomically designed for precise in-ear fit
  • Flexible cable designed for comfort
  • Tangle-free and tension- free
  • Comes with comfortable ear tips
  • Designed for longer durability
  • Marathon battery for optimal playback and extended call time.


These WFH edition earphones/headphones/neckbands come under Mobilla's flagship product category. These ear-gadgets are meticulously designed and deliberately made lightweight with a compact body. It also delivers an astounding sound performance. Apart from great sound and comfort, these models are built for music enthusiasts, with ergonomically shaped and proper housing for a snug and secure in-ear fit. It has solid battery for maximum playtime and has excellent call-quality as well. 

A flat-shape design helps these ear-gadgets to stay in your ears regardless of the activity that you are engaged with. Uniquely designed ear tips offer- a personalized fit. These comfy ear-tips adjust comfortably in your ear canal. Owing to this accuracy and precision, MOBILLA WFH ear-gadgets offer effective noise isolation to concentrate on your music and in your occasional zoom meeting sessions. MOBILLA took special care of the cables, making sure, they are flexible enough and well designed for a pleasant wearing and hearing experience both indoors and outdoors.