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Play Your Way With Mobilla!

Living in this fast-moving and fast-evolving world, we’re living in the middle of worldly chaos. We’re surrounded by many opportunities which we can make the best use of and grow, but let’s not forget the competitive nature of the world. We are all in this to win and grow, but they're no defined way to come out victorious.
We often try to mimic someone we admire or look up to and try to follow in their footsteps to success. What we forget to do while doing this, is to factor in the different environments and challenges that they might have faced while in their pursuit.
At Mobilla, we strongly believe that you should take inspiration and motivation from your idols, but at the same time, continue to keep playing your way! To help you do that, we put in our best effort to enable you with an active lifestyle with our wide range of mobile accessories and lifestyle products.
Here are a few of Mobilla products that allow you to keep playing your way!

MBuds – Mobilla’s True Wireless Earbuds

Having yourself hooked to music, boosts you furthermore to keep giving your best and put in added effort in your attempt to succeed.
Using Mobilla’s MBuds, you can always connect to music whenever needed. These are TWS earbuds with a comfortable and ergonomic fitting which come with a pocket-sized charging case allowing you to effortlessly carry them along with you wherever you go. These are enabled with the latest Bluetooth technology and drivers which produce crystal-clear audio output.
These are water-resistant and sweat resistant, so you need not worry about hitting the gym with them or when it suddenly starts showering while you’re outdoors.

MJoy – Mobilla's Wireless Headphones

There are times when things get too chaotic making it difficult for you to concentrate and focus on your work. This can stretch to hours of unproductivity which you cannot afford.
Mobilla’s MJoy, a range of wireless headphones can help you cut off all the chaos with passionate music listening. These TWS headphones produce loud and clear music using Φ40mm drivers. Powered with a 300 mAh battery, it offers a playtime of up to 10 hours.
Feel the music like never before with our excellent quality and unique design wireless headphones that promise to get your feet tapping with extra base and superior quality sound every single time. Ditch the boredom with a wireless and long-lasting battery to serve all your music needs carefully customized just for your joy, MJoy!

MBuddy – Mobilla's Wireless Bluetooth Neckband

Connecting to music and the melody of music driving us to continue to keep pushing ourselves to our limits is a trick many of us use. It helps us to stay motivated while keeping all the distractions away.
With Mobilla’s range of MBuddy, you can carry music around your neck like a halo! It is a line of wireless neckbands which come with a stylish, trendy and ergonomic design and is available in a vast variety of colours so that you can pick one which best suits your personality. Built with an inline microphone and audio controller, you can use them to attend phone calls and meetings, and even to reach out to your voice assistant.
Furthermore, these are built with a water-resistant rating allowing you to take them along while it is drizzling outside or to the gym and engage in a sweaty workout.

MSmart – Mobilla's Smartwatch

“Time is money!”, is a phrase that we all have been listening to since our childhood. Maybe back then we didn’t understand the value of time, but as we grow, we understand how every minute counts.
Mobilla’s MSmart range of smartwatches is designed and built to enable you to make the most of your time and assist you with better time management. Using MSmart you can receive your phone notifications and reminders on your wrist, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any important ones and helping you stay on track with your schedule.
These smartwatches are also engineered with an inbuilt microphone and speaker which enables you to answer and make phone calls, directly over your wrist!

MPower – Mobilla's Portable Power Bank

Living in the 21st century, our lives revolve around technology. We are so highly dependent on our gadgets and accessories that we cannot even imagine how our lives would be without them.
Your gadgets running out of power is a common instance and we all know the trouble that not being able to use our gadgets can get us into. This is where Mobilla’s MPower comes into the picture, ensuring that your mobile gadgets and devices never run out of juice. These are portable power banks with battery capacities ranging from 10,000 mAh to 30,000 mAh.
We understand how most of us use more than one smart devices which is required to be charged from time to time. To ease your hustle, our power banks have two power output ports using which you can charge two devices simultaneously.


We believe in you and have faith in your capabilities and potential! We truly do!
Make the best use of Mobilla products and keep playing your way, more effectively and efficiently.