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Winter Season Calls for Winter Trips

Winter is coming? No! Winter is already here!  

For all travel enthusiasts, this is a great time to plan a trip and visit the places you’ve always longed to visit. The weather, during this time of the year, is cold and chilly, making it more convenient to travel, without worrying about the trouble the warm and heated environment brings along, which includes feeling sweaty all the time, irritation caused by heat and whatnot.   

Travelling in the cold weather and visiting new places is a fun and relaxing experience, altogether.   

Here are some of Mobilla’s mobile accessories and lifestyle products which you should make sure to carry along with you, while you’re on your winter trip.  

MSmart 9.0 

Travelling and touring new places is a fun and joyful experience. While exploring new sites, cultures, people and food, it is very easy to lose the track of time and miss out on something important. Be it your scheduled visit to someone or someplace, calling your near and dear ones, back at home to give them an update, taking your daily meds, of your whereabouts or whatsoever.   

Having Mobilla’s latest smartwatch, MSmart 9.0 will ensure that this doesn’t happen, with its smart notifications and reminders, which will pop on your wrist, making it difficult for you to forget something. It is also embedded with multiple fitness trackers, which include, a heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, SpO2 oxygen monitor, pedometer and sleep tracker, which help you keep a track of your activity and health vitals, while you’re away from immediate medical attention.   

It also gives you remote access to your phone, using its inbuilt camera shutter and receiving and making phone calls without having to reach out to your phone via its built-in microphone and speaker.  

MBuds 101 

Connecting to music escalates joy, gives you the courage to face challenges and brings down your sorrows. Most of us have the habit of connecting to music all day long, whether we’re commuting to work, working, studying or working out, we tune into music in one way or another.   

Using Mobilla’s 101, it's TWS earbuds which help you to connect with music, whenever and wherever. It offers a comfortable and ergonomic fitting and comes with a compact-sized charging case, and its 10mm drivers produce crystal-clear audio. It is built with an IPX4 water-resistant and sweat-proof rating, giving you an added assurance that no damage will be incurred by usage in a wet environment.   

MBuds 101 are powered by an everlasting battery, which offers a playtime of up to 21 hours, 5 hours of playtime on every quick charge and a full charge that takes up to 2 hours. 

MCharge 701 

Living in the 21st century, our smart devices and gadgets have become an integral part of our lives, to an extent that we have become highly dependent on them. We use our gadgets and accessories to do our day-to-day tasks and activities. With time, our gadgets and devices have become compact and mobile, allowing us to carry them along effortlessly, all we need to do is to make sure their inbuilt battery is charged.  

MCharge 701 is Mobilla’s power adapter which allows you to charge your devices, three times faster than a standard charger. It is enabled with PD charging and offers a 20W output to charge your devices optimally at a superior speed. It has dual power output ports, using which you can charge two devices simultaneously.   

This power adapter offers universal compatibility meaning, you can charge many of your mobile devices using this charger. 

MPower 302 

We have already established the importance of having our devices charged, but while you’re travelling, finding a power socket in close vicinity, whenever your device is running low on power can be a task.  

Mobilla’s MPower 302 is a portable power bank which allows you to power your devices, away from a power socket. It has a battery capacity of 30,000mAh taking away the trouble of having to recharge it repeatedly after every use. It has a built-in LED indicator which displays the charge level of the power bank.   

Using its dual power output ports, you can charge up to two devices simultaneously while you’re on the go and its textured design makes slip resistant.  

Ranger 241 

While travelling, you are required to take different modes of commute, starting from your home to your final destination, and even after reaching there, you continue to travel to visit different sites and places of tourist attractions.   

For those who do their trips via car, you should definitely invest in Mobilla’s Ranger 241 it's a universally compatible car charger using which you can charge through your car’s power socket. It is enabled with adaptive charging and auto-ID using to effectively and efficiently charge your devices.  

Ranger 241 has dual power output ports which enable you to power multiple devices, simultaneously.