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Experience Eargasm using Mobilla Products!

Excitement and joy are the two things that we all live for and enjoy experiencing them! Living our busy lives and being surrounded by all the worldly chaos, taking out time for ourselves and living becomes a necessity to keep living a happy and healthy life.
There is a common misconception among all that reaching that phase requires a lot of resources, effort and timing in place. However, that’s not the case at all!
Let’s not forget that happiness and joy can also be found in little and basic things as well! How about we suggest you an easy way to experience a sense of extreme pleasure?
Yes! We are talking about an age-old technique of engaging yourself in quality music and experiencing euphoric aural sensations.
Here is a list of 5 Mobilla products using which you can enjoy an eargasm!

MBuds – Mobilla’s True Wireless Earbuds

The time when you need to connect yourself to music doesn’t always knock before arriving. We know the difficult moment when you’re thriving for music but are unable to do so. MBuds series is the best fix, that ensures that you never come across such moments!
MBuds is a range of True Wireless Earbuds that offer a comfortable and sporty fitting, which come with a compact and pocket-sized charging case allowing you to be able to connect to music whenever needed. These earbuds produce immersive sound and have an inbuilt microphone using which you can attend calls, and meetings or even seek out your voice assistant for help.
These are built with a water-resistant and sweat-resistant rating, allowing you to fearlessly carry them along with you while working out or while it is driving outside.

MBuddy – Mobilla's Wireless Bluetooth Neckband

Music helps you escalate your mood to a further extent while you’re in a good and joyful mood, but it doesn’t stop there, it also helps you get through tough and difficult times, by helping you lift your spirits and motivating you to put in the added effort while facing whatever challenge that comes your way.
Considering how music can be your true friend who walks along with you at every turn of your life, we have developed the MBuddy line of wireless Bluetooth neckbands! Using MBuddy neckbands, you can carry music around your neck like a halo and connect to music whenever your heart desires. These neckbands offer a snug and sporty fitting and are built with a sweat-proof and water-resistant rating, allowing you to carry music with you while running your day-to-day errands, including sports and workouts.
These neckbands are enabled with the latest wireless version, offering a wireless range of up to 10 meters, while producing immersive sound with passive noise cancellation.

Clubber – Mobilla's Party Speaker

We possibly cannot imagine a party without any music. Mobilla’s Clubber series of wireless party speakers enables you to throw parties with loud and blasting music.
Clubber series of party speakers ranging from 15W output to 40W output and are built with an inbuilt woofer to produce deep bass. You can even pair two speakers together and double the music output. These party speakers are also Karaoke ready and come with a wireless microphone using which you can engage in singing your favourite songs along with the background music.
Our speakers are enabled with multiple input methods which include Bluetooth pairing, AUX cable, USB drive, TF cards and even FM radio allowing you to connect to blasting music using the most preferred way at the moment.

MRock – Mobilla's Portable Speaker

Now that we know how engaging in music can be a delightful and joyful experience, we should not let go of any opportunity or chance to dive into a musical experience. We also know that it is not always possible to connect to music with one of our mobile accessories like earphones, wireless neckbands or earbuds. That’s where Mobilla’s MRock comes into the picture!
MRock series consists of lightweight wireless portable speakers which produce bold music. These wireless speakers are compact-sized and extremely portable making them easy to fit on any desk or platform. With its multiple input modes which include Bluetooth connectivity, USB, TF card, AUX cable and FM radio, you can easily tune into music however you like.
Considering MRock variants have a compact and trending design and have multiple input options it can be used as a dedicated speaker on your desk as you can connect it to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

MTunes – Mobilla's Stereo Earphones

Connecting to music is a magical experience! It helps in escalating happy emotions to the fullest and brings down the severity of bad or negative emotions. Engaging in music is a delightful experience and in the modern day and age, there are multiple ways of doing that, but let’s not forget the basic and common way of doing that which is by using a pair of wired earphones.
MTunes is Mobilla’s range of wired earphones which offer a stereo audio output. These are built with a tangle-free design to add to your comfort while carrying them around and using them. With its inline microphone, these can be used for attending calls and meetings and with its inline audio control, you can control the audio being played or use your voice assistant without having to reach out to your smartphone.
In the modern era where gadgets and devices are getting compact and minimalistic, many new smart devices do not have the traditional 3.5mm audio jack. Understanding this new change in the smartphone industry, we have even developed earphones with USB Type-C input ports.


We all mind music to be blissful and enjoy engaging in music every once in a while, but considering the chaotic and stressful lives that we all live, whether you’re a student, employee, entrepreneur or retired individual, we highly recommend integrating music as a part of your day-to-day life. It will help you live your life to the fullest while playing an active role in motivating you to fight the problems and challenges which you come across.
With the above mention Mobilla product ranges, you can effectively add music to your lives without making any compromises on the sound quality. These are designed and developed to enable you with an active lifestyle and allow you to engage in music, Har Pal Ke Liye!