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Naya Bharat, Nayi Awaaz, Mobilla Ke Sath! Celebrating The Making Of Make In India

India, our land steeped in history and diversity, is undergoing a profound transformation as it strides forward into a new era. One of the most important movements that kicked off a new vision for our country was the inception of the "Make In India" movement. The introduction of the 'Make in India' initiative signalled a pivotal shift in our nation's trajectory. Before its inception, local manufacturers wrestled with a lack of support and resources, hindering their ability to establish domestic production. However, as the curtains opened on the era of 'Naya Bharat,' the 'Make in India' campaign surged in popularity, drawing companies from around the world to invest in Indian manufacturing. This transformation has not only invigorated the economy but has also ushered in unprecedented opportunities for businesses and citizens alike.

The Beginning Of A Naya Bharat

Launched in 2014 by our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji, the 'Make in India' campaign aimed to position India as a global manufacturing hub. Through a series of strategic policy reforms and incentives, the initiative sought to attract foreign investment and promote indigenous production. With the motive of 'Naya Bharat,' the impact of these reforms became increasingly palpable. Companies, both domestic and international, began to recognise India's untapped potential as a manufacturing powerhouse. This marked a significant departure from the past, where a lack of support hampered the growth of local manufacturing. But well before the inception of the “Make In India” movement in 2014, Mobilla had already taken strides in domestic production since 2010, showcasing a pioneering and emotional commitment towards manufacturing within Indian soil.

Mobilla: Naye Bharat Ki, Nayi Awaaz!

Amidst this transformative backdrop, the journey of Mobilla shines as a beacon of inspiration. Long before the "Make in India" movement gained momentum, Mobilla embarked on a pioneering effort to produce accessories within the country. As early as 2010, the company set forth on this journey, driven by only one emotion: contributing to India's manufacturing prowess and making our country independent by making innovative accessories on our soil. However, this journey was fraught with challenges. Mobilla faced the uphill task of navigating complex regulatory frameworks, establishing robust supply chains, and creating production facilities that met international standards. Despite these hurdles, Mobilla's unwavering commitment to quality and innovation propelled it forward.

Mobilla's narrative mirrors the spirit of "Naya Bharat,"  a nation that embraces challenges and transforms them into stepping stones towards progress. With steadfast support from the government and the collective determination of its people, Mobilla has not only surmounted obstacles but has also thrived as a symbol of excellence in Indian manufacturing. The synergy between government policies and corporate dedication has crystallised Mobilla's journey into a testament to 'Make in India' in action. And to notice a point very closely, what began as Mobilla’s independent drive for manufacturing in India has now converged into a synergetic partnership with the government, where both Mobilla and the government of India are working hand in hand to transform India into a self-sufficient entity.

All Eyes On Us

As the torchbearers for "Make In India'' and our country’s future, our responsibility has grown significantly because the whole world’s eye is fixed upon us. But Mobilla has stood it’s ground, holding the light in their hands for years and years while simultaneously exemplifying innovation and quality and also symbolising the nation's aspirations for self-reliance. As we stand our ground, the global spotlight on us underscores the importance of our actions, urging us to continue fostering excellence and making impactful contributions to our nation's growth and the global manufacturing landscape.

A New Vision For Full Independence

As India takes on new challenges, the essence of 'Naya Bharat, Nayi Awaaz' resonates more deeply than ever. It symbolises not just the emergence of a revitalised India but also the rise of new voices, ideas, and opportunities. Within this symphony of progress, Mobilla's achievements harmonise seamlessly. It stands as an embodiment of the power of perseverance and innovation in shaping India's economic landscape.

Future Is Now, Future Is Together 

Hetal Shah, Co-Founder Of Mobilla, said, At the heart of our future narrative lies the essential role of every citizen. 'Naya Bharat' is not just a concept; it is a collective vision that thrives when supported by each individual's efforts. The success of 'Make in India' and the triumphs of our enterprise, Mobilla, remind us that progress is a collaborative journey. As we continue our journey, let us reiterate our commitment to nurturing innovation, uplifting local ventures, and embracing change.

Reaching New Heights, Together

Jignesh Shah, Co-Founder Of Mobilla, enthusiastically highlighted that the excitement within companies has reached new heights, fueled by a shared intent with the government on the Make In India movement. This alignment of purpose has created a great dynamic atmosphere of collaboration and innovation, driving everyone at Mobilla and companies across India to be part of Naya Bharat, Nayi Awaaz, with even greater zest. So as we move forward, I urge everyone to embody the nation’s collective drive for progress and emerge as the New Voice Of A New India.

A New Trajectory To Reach The Stars

In closing, the trajectory of 'Naya Bharat' and the melody of 'Nayi Awaaz' encapsulate the remarkable evolution of the 'Make in India' initiative and Mobilla's inspiring odyssey. These intertwined narratives showcase India's unwavering spirit, resilience, and dedication to progress. As we stand at the threshold of a promising era, let us remember that the future of 'Naya Bharat' rests in our hands. By fostering innovation, bolstering local endeavours, and embracing transformation, we can collectively propel India towards a future where opportunities abound and the resounding 'Nayi Awaaz' echoes across the globe.