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Mobilla Clubber | Best Party Speaker for Navratri Celebrations!

Navratri is a holy nine-day long Hindu festival celebrated honouring the Goddess Durga and her nine forms for killing the demon, Mahishasura. Devi Durga also known as Adi Shakti, celebrates the female energy of the universe that brings about equilibrium and balance.  

During Navratri, some families choose to fast, only having milk, water, fruit and nuts during the day, followed by a full meal after sunset. Some people only have water and a simple meal at night. That’s not all, this festival also involves a lot of dancing.  

Mainly there are two types of dances performed while celebrating Navratri, one of which is Garba, a community circle dance. As dancers revolve around it in concentric circles, just as Hinduism depicts that time is a cycle, Garba showcases the infinite nature of birth, death and reincarnation. While the entire universe evolves and changes, Goddess Durga and her power within the souls of the dancers are eternal.  

The other type of dance performed during Navaratri is called Dandiya Raas or commonly known as Dandiya. The special feature of the dance is the colourful attire worn by the dancers and the colourful sticks carried by them. The sticks are used as a prop and are beautifully decorated. It is for this reason the dance is also called the 'Stick Dance.'

The Common Factor?

As this festival involves a lot of dancing, an ordinary person fails to understand how music is an important component of this festive celebration. Loud festive music acts as a synchronization tool that syncs all the devotees to a rhythm while performing Garba or Dandiya together. 

What does Mobilla have to offer?

Mobilla understands the need of the hour and is determined to bring products to the market that easily integrate into your day-to-day life while helping you to live your life to the fullest! This is one of the reasons behind Mobilla being crowned the Iconic Most Preferred & Trusted Indian Brand for Lifestyle Accessories! 

Mobilla Clubber is Mobilla’s range of TWS party speakers. These are designed and developed to produce loud and crystal-clear audio, that will bring added joy to your gathering with your family and friends while celebrating Navratri. 

Clubber variants are as follows.

Clubber 101

Clubber 101 is a 15W loudspeaker that produces quality music with its 8"x 1 sized woofer. It plays audio, in sync with its LED light. It is also enabled with a karaoke feature which allows you to sing along to your favourite song out loudly along with the playback music.

Clubber 102

Clubber 102 is a 40W party speaker with an inbuilt 12”x 1 woofer that produces a powerful bass. It comes with built-in LED lights that help in creating a musical atmosphere. It also comes with a karaoke feature using which you can sing your favourite songs with music playback.

Clubber 103

Rock your Navratri celebrations with Clubber 103 with its 40W party speaker and inbuilt 8” x 2 woofers. This speaker also comes with a microphone and it is enabled with a karaoke feature which allows you to sing your desired song with the background music.

Clubber 104

Clubber 104 is perfect for loud Navratri celebrations with its 40W speaker and 8” x 2 woofers. It offers music playback in sync with its LED light. Using the microphone that it comes with and its karaoke feature, you can enjoy singing with music playback. 

The festival of Navratri brings great joy to the hearts of all devotees. We all enjoy tuning into the Navratri music and participating in performing Garba and Dandiya.

Mobilla being an Indian brand of mobile accessories and lifestyle products, we understand the needs of our audience and have developed the Clubber party speaker line that will fit in perfectly in your day-to-day lives and help you celebrate all festive occasions in a loud and ecstatic manner.