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Keep your Resolution - Smartly !

We all started the New Year with a bang! Music, dance, trips, parties, booster doses and not to forget the New Year resolutions! Well, in case you forgot these are the promises we make to ourselves every year, the goals we set for ourselves every year, and somehow always end up forgetting or giving up on them. Don't worry, you are not the only one doing that. According to a latest survey, majority of the world population fails to follow their health regime new year resolution after January. And, with the current landing of the third wave, many gyms are closed or reduced to 50% capacity. Moving out may or may not be possible for you and shifting again to Work from home might strain your physical and mental routine. But, don't worry at all. We got you! Read on for the most useful and practical tips that would help you keep your resolutions and an exceptional quality eye-catching health and fitness smart watch that is sure shot to level up your fitness and lifestyle.

Tips to KEEP New Year resolutions

  • Set realistic and achievable goals.
  • Divide the long-term goal into daily short-term targets.
  • Keep the big picture in mind: motivating yourself for everyday tasks based on your longer-term vision.
  • Make time in your schedule for your 'new habit'.
  • Do a little bit every day. #keepthe momentum
  • Track your progress.
  • Talk to Yourself: A motivating self-talk never harms anyone!
  • Reward yourself.
  • Keep trying.
  • Partner up: An enthusiastic partner to push you on your low days!

Smart partner for your Fitness resolutions: MSmart by Mobilla.

In the era of this fast pacing world where technology seems to be on foot to steal your sleep, we are on our toes to get you a smart watch that cares for you. Just like a family! MSmart is a trendy smart watch that promises to bring the world to your wrist.

With the largest and quick responsive 1.69 inch display, it not only tracks your fitness regime but also keeps a check on your health, vitals, sleep schedules, and connecting to your loved ones. Its inbuilt pedometer carefully counts every little step you take towards the fitter you. May it be your morning workout or simply taking the stairs? We can count it all! Plus, the various sports mode smoothly switch between indoor, outdoor, gym, and adventure workouts too. In addition, the Heart-rate, BP, and SPO2 sensors help you monitor your vitals anytime and anywhere.

The watch is thoughtfully engineered with the latest technology keeping in mind all your needs. Thus, it comes with practical sleep monitors and reminders to rescue you of your disturbed sleep schedules. As it is rightly said, a healthy mind leads to a healthy body. Thus, we at Mobilla also lay special focus on mental health. And, this makes MSmart the best smart watch in India that helps also you stay connected with your loved ones through SMS, notifications, and reminders.

Complementing all these fascinating features, this watch is packaged with IPX7 water-resistant and dust resistance. You may sweat, climb or battle a storm, we are as tough as your determination. And, we like to do it in style thus, garnishing your wrist with multiple personalized watch modes and bold colors making it a perfect watch for both men and women on all days. May it be your sweating hours, hectic office hours, party moods, evening walk, home WFH or peaceful sleep times, MSmart is the perfect partner and the top smart watch choice for you. So wait no more and grab your piece now!