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MPower Best Portable Powerbanks In India

Best Power Bank for Travel in India
power bank made in india

Reasons To Choose Mobilla MPower Power Banks

  • Battery Capacity - 10, 20, 30K mAh
    Unlimited Power In Your Hands!
    Mobilla’s Powerbanks include 10000mAh, 20000mAh, and 30000mAh capacity so that you never run out of power whenever you need it.
  • ...
    Realmah battery packed
    The ReALmAh™ Power!
    Equipped with the powerful and long-lasting ReALmAh battery, Mobilla’s Powerbanks keep you charged wherever you go.
  • ...
    Quick Charge PD+QC
    Keep Your Life Running!
    Packed with PD+QC technology, Mobilla’s Powerbanks charge your devices quickly so you get back to your adventures within no time.
  • ...
    LED Battery Indicator & Display
    Real-Time Power Indicator & Display!
    The LED Battery Indicator and display provide you with real-time information on the remaining charges left in your Mobilla Powerbanks
  • ...
    Travel Friendly
    Boost Your Adventures!
    Features like universal compatibility, anti-slip textures, and travel-friendly make Mobilla Powerbanks perfect for your outdoor adventures.
  • ...
    Powerbank Output Ranging From 12W To 22.5W Output
    Power Delivery Like Never Before!
    The power delivery ranging from 12W to 22.5W of Mobilla Powerbanks allows you to charge your devices superfast based on it’s maximum input.
  • ...
    Multi-port Power Banks
    Unlimited Opportunities With Multiple Ports!
    The multi-ports of Mobilla Powerbanks help you to charge multiple devices on the go so you never miss out on the sceneries while travelling.
  • ...
    Made In India
    Proudly Manufacturing In India!
    As one of the best power bank brands in India, Mobilla proudly manufactures in India and their Made In India Powerbanks are proof of their dedication to supporting India’s growth, economy and labour.
  • ...
    Compatible With Android & iOS!
    Mobilla provides power banks for both Android & iPhone, powering everyone’s adventures, everywhere!

More Stylish, More Powerful, More Fun!

When you carry Mobilla’s MPOWER, you carry not just your power but elegant designs that make your adventure more stylish, more powerful, and more fun.

best quality power bank brand in India

Power Up In Style!

Mobilla Powerbanks not only keep you charged with your adventures but also add a touch of style to your personality.