Ganpati Nights Have Become More Exciting With Mobile Phone Accessories

That time of the year is here again when you see people shopping and merrily planning Ganpati’s stay at their place. You will find artists giving final touches to Ganpati idols they have spent months shaping minutely and carefully. There is a lot of hustle in the market. People buy new clothes, a variety of sweets and decorative stuff to celebrate the festival.

The festival begins with the installation of huge elaborately crafted statutes of Ganesha in homes and podiums. Almost every locality has a Ganpati Pandal. Members of the Pandal lovingly carry out the daylong activities of pooja, music, Prasad, lighting to make the festival joyful and colorful for people of the locality. It is that time of the year when every family residing in the locality come together to celebrate this occasion and every member of the Pandal feels that it is his/her responsibility to make the festive days memorable for them.


We cannot ignore how technology has been a great blessing for the Pandal planners both for planning activities as well as for recreation during their night shifts. Sharing inspirational interiors for Pandal, creating devotional playlists, conference calls, video calls, etc. through mobile phones makes it easy to arrange everything in the Pandal. So, keeping devices charged is of utmost importance. Due to the availability of communication devices, planning and executing of the event has become very smooth.

For 10 days, the Pandal hosts a lot of fun activities for people including music and food. People stay awake the whole night looking after the Diya and agarbatti, listening to songs on Bluetooth speaker, playing cards, clicking pictures, etc. Some people like to spend the night listening to their favorite songs on earphones. The multi-slot chargers have even solved the eternal problem of more phones and fewer chargers. And power banks are a blessing for the Pandal people. The nightlong entertainment remains uninterrupted during the biggest festive celebration of the year.

Ten days go by so fast that we don’t even realize the arrival of Ganpati and His departure. There is a tinge of sadness as we say goodbye to Ganpati every year, but the call of ‘Pudhchya Varshi Lavkar ya!’ (‘Come soon the next year’) keeps our spirits up.

Is this your Ganpati Pandal story too?  Let us know. Remember to buy the gadgets from Mobilla to make your Ganpati celebrations and arrangements smooth and uninterrupted. Over the years a lot has changed from the decoration materials to the technology used to manage the festive event. The thing that hasn’t changed is the enthusiasm and love for Bappa. May Lord Ganesha bless you with peace and happiness this year and every year that follows.


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